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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 12/16/2013 12:37:58 AM
sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker
LW8-40.5 sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50HZ outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment for control and protection 40.5KV transmission and distribution systems , and can also be used to open and close contact breaker and capacitor banks occasions.

LW8-40.5 SF6 Circuit Breaker is an excellent development in the 1990s of design, performance of the circuit breaker . In urban and rural power grid has been widely used . Excellent insulation and arc SF6 gas is a key performance safe and reliable operation of the circuit breaker , excellent performance is at a certain density and pressure to achieve. In cold regions of northern China , when the ambient temperature drops to a certain level (-30 ℃ or less) , SF6 gas circuit breaker inside began liquefaction , liquefaction temperature and density and stress-related , the greater the density , the higher the liquefaction temperature . Since SF6 circuit breaker internal gas liquefaction , part of the gas into a liquid , density and pressure SF6 gas will gradually decrease , resulting in insulation and breaking capacity circuit breaker decline , seriously affecting the reliable operation of the circuit breaker. Security considerations for the circuit breaker , designed to increase the alarm and locking device, so that SF6 circuit breaker at low temperature , the gas density decreased opening the case can not move , lose protection.

In Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places , winter temperatures often dropped below -30 ℃ . LW8-40.5 Outdoor SF6 circuit breakers designed temperature range +40 ~ -30 ℃. According to the report , Inner Mongolia Electric Power Research Institute , in the winter cold , the density of the gas pressure drops due to circuit breakers , alarm and locking is often the case . In this case, the usual practice is to run the department with the local circuit breaker insulation material wrapped up , and sometimes also play a role , but the effect is not good. There are some circuit breakers, because of the different structure, can not use this method. Buck had to run way , the pressure drop due to the density of the gas circuit breakers , its ability to reduce the insulation and arc . Also there are security risks .

In order to solve the current at low temperature , high voltage circuit breaker SF6 gas liquefaction problems in foreign countries , there are two ways: First, adding N2 gas or CF4 gas SF6 gas , the composition of the gas mixture , as arcing and insulation breaker media , in order to reduce its liquefaction temperature , to ensure the normal operation of the circuit breaker at low temperatures . The disadvantages are: circuit breaker breaking capacity decreased , generally reduced by about 20%, and manufacturing high technical requirements, expensive. The second is the direct heating method to raise the temperature inside the SF6 gas circuit breaker . The method is applied in a layer of the circuit breaker plus tropical or insulation. There is not taken directly heated inside the circuit breaker approach .

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